Surface + Environment + Fumigation

Sanosil Disinfectant for hospitals & pharma industry

Starting ₹663 onwards.

Sanosil properties

Slices through Ribosome 30S and 50S and disrupts synthesis of Ribosome 70S

Generates highly reactive hydroxyl radical in synergy with Ag+ & H²O².

Has deep penetrating capability (penetrates bio-films). with no known resistant strains.

Sanosil Disinfectant for hospitals & pharma industry

Advantages of using SANOSIL


Contains no known carcinogenic & mutagenic chemicals




No toxic disinfection by-products


Colourless & odourless

Comparison: Environment disinfectants

Mechanism Of Action

Killing effect on Bacteria, Algae, Yeast, Fungi & Protozoa

Inhibition of synthesis of Ribosome 70S

Sanosil Disinfectant for surface & environment effect

Destruction of cell

Sanosil Mechanism

Destruction of Virus Nucleic Acid Destruction

Sanosil Mechanism

Sanosil - Product Details

Combined Disinfectant / Cleaner To Fight Dirt and Germs

Sanosil is used for combined cleaning and disinfection in a single operation. Ideal where there is a certain amount of dirt present as well as the germs to be targeted (e.g. PC keyboards, handles, fitness equipment etc.) or where a quick intermediate clean/disinfection is indicated (e.g. medical sector / treatment tables, tattoo / piercing studios, cosmetics / chiropody etc.)

  • Superior cleaning and disinfectant action
  • Ready to use
  • Inhibits recontamination
  • Contains hydrogen peroxide and silver
  • Pleasant lemon scent


Application : Surface disinfection + Disinfection cleaning

Agents : 10% v/v Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade) ; 0.01% Silver

Product Type : Ready for use

Shelf Life : 2 Years

Packaging : 1lt, 5lt, 20ltr, 200ltr

Storage : No dangerous goods, no special delivery & storage regulations

Effectiveness :

  • Bacteria (Including MRSA, VRE, VREF)
  • Virus (including HIV and HBV)
  • Mycobacteria
  • Bacteriophages
  • Amoeba
  • Yeast
  • Fungi
  • Spore forming organisms

How to Use Sanosil?


Make 10% Solution

  • Take 500 ml Sonosil and make 5 litre solution with DM / RO water.
  • Mop liberally all surfaces, walls and floor.


Make 20% solution

  • Take 200 ml Sanosil and make 1 litre solution with DM/ RO water.
  • Ensure the room is thoroughly cleaned before fogging.
    Switch on AC for 10 minutes before fogging begins
  • After fogging do high end cleaning with 10% solution with AC switched on.
  • Fogging machine should be mounted two (2) feet from the floor level. The angle of fogger is kept at approximately 45 degrees. The flow rate is adjusted to the minimum.
  • One litre of solution may take 20 to 25 minutes for fogging. Mopping with 10% solution MUST be done before and after fogging.
  • One litre of solution will cover 1000 cubic feet.


Sanosil P10 is effective against:

  • Bacteria (Including MRSA, VRE, VREF)
  • Virus (including HIV and HBV)
  • Mycobacteria
  • Bacteriophages
  • Amoeba
  • Yeast
  • Fungi
  • Spore forming organisms

Precautions: 1) Avoid Sanosil concentrate contact with direct skin, Mucous Membrane and eyes. 2) Do not drink Undiluted. 3) Keep product away from children.