Alliance Formulations

Sanosil products in India are manufactured by Alliance Formulations in exclusive technical partnership with Sanosil, Switzerland.

Alliance Formulations

Alliance Formulations is the pharmaceuticals wing of Alliance World, known for delivering world class products on specific timelines. Alliance Formulations has been associated with a wide range of pharma products from Hand Hygiene, Surface Disinfectant, Antiseptic-alcohol based formulations, liquids, ointments, wound management and Advanced Sterility Products for JNJ. 

These products are also marketed through our own sales network and marketing agencies for multinational clients across the Nation. Alliance Formulation’s pharmaceutical manufacturing units complies to all cGMP requirements and are also audited and certified for ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and by WHO for compliance to WHO GMP technical requirements.

Distributors worldwide

Today, Sanosil products are exported to more than 40 countries and distributed by professional selling organisations, exclusive as well as non-exclusive agents, joint-venture partners, licensees, or our own subsidiaries. You can find an updated List of our distributors  under “Distributors Worldwide”. Every month brings us a step closer to our goal: a global distribution net of Sanosil® products covering all application fields.

Particular observations

Successful R & D in the disinfection sector demands a special commitment, and is further enhanced by a professional approach. Our leading-edge technology also provides end-users with a better quality of life. Coupled continuous research, this technology supports our drive to achieve world leadership for Sanosil® and the creation of solutions which are environmentally friendly and economically progressive.

Alliance Formulations
Alliance Formulations

Silver Task Force

Sanosil AG is a founding-member of the european Silver Task Force and notifier for silver nitrate in product groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 und 12.


Sanosil products are tested by the European EN norms: EN 1276, EN 1650,  EN 13697, EN 14348, EN 14476. The effectiveness of Sanosil disinfectants against numerous pathogens has been tested and confirmed in more than 280 assays carried out by international institutions.

Certified production

Sanosil products are produced by production label ISO 9001.


Sanosil Disinfectants are patented by PCT/CH2009/000234 und EP 2 309 863 81.