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Sanosil BioClean

Long Term Disinfection for
Fruits, Vegetables & Poultry

Sanosil Bioclean everyday wash for fruits, vegetables and poultry

Sanosil BioClean is available in size 500 ml

Sanosil W10

All purpose disinfectant for
Air, Water & Environment

Sanosil W10 Disinfectant

Sanosil W10 is available in sizes from 1 ltr to 300 ltr


Disinfectants for
Surface + Environment

Sanosil Disinfectant for hospitals & pharma industry

Sanosil is available in sizes from 1 ltr to 300 ltr

Q-Jet Fogger

Dry Mist For Environment

Q Jet Fogger is available in 3 models :
Superior / Advanced / Compact

Ideal Hygiene Solutions

Disinfection & Cleaning Surface

Disinfection of Office Building

Advanced disinfection of office buildings.

Disinfection of Aircrafts

Advanced disinfection of aircrafts.

Fumigating Surface & Environment

Fumigation of Aircraft

Fumigating of transportation systems.

Fumigation of Hotel Room

Fumigating of hotels & resorts.

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